Fade to Black

Fade to Black by Jeffrey Wilson brought to you by JournalStone.

Released June 14th, 2013 by JournalStone Publishing

Jack is a young man caught between two terrifying worlds. In one, he is Marine Sergeant Casey Stillman, locked in combat in the streets of Fallujah, Iraq. He is lying beside his dead and dying friends, bleeding in the street- until he wakes up at home, in bed with his wife.

In this other world, Jack is a high school science teacher, husband, and devoted father to his little girl. But the nightmares of war continue to haunt him, and to Jack they feel in many ways more real than his life at home with his family.

When news about killed Marines in Fallujah surface, Jack realizes he knows far more about these men then he should. But, when the dead Marines begin visiting him while he is awake- he realizes he is in serious trouble.

Faced with the possibility of losing his mind, or far worse, the nightmares being real, Jack knows he must somehow find a way to bridge the two realities and fight his way back for the nightmares to save his wife and little girl.

The Donors

The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson brought to you by JournalStone.

A powerful and evil force is at work in the Hospital where little Nathan is recovering from injuries at the hands of his Mom's abusive ex-boyfriend. Demonic looking men with pale faces and glowing eyes lurk in the shadows and, worse, it appears that someone is harvesting skin and organs from living-- and awake-- donors against their will. In his dreams, little Nathan can see these demons in their true form-- evil creatures who feed on the fear and hatred they help create in their victims. Nathan's only ally is the young Doctor who cares for him. Bound together by their shared legacy of abuse, they also seem to share the ability to see the creatures for what they are. Together they must find a way to destroy the demons before their own loved ones become the next victims and the evil creatures grow too powerful to stop.

The Traiteur's Ring

The Traiteurs Ring by Jeffrey Wilson brought to you by JournalStone.

A man who has spent his life defending his country discovers that fate has presented him with an even higher calling. Ben Morvant is not what you would call ordinary and as a Navy SEAL, he never expected an ordinary life. But when a routine mission to protect a local village in a war-torn region of Africa goes terribly wrong, Ben is presented with truths beyond what his military training and experience have prepared him to accept. With his dying breath, a village elder passes to Ben a gift- a simple ring, unremarkable except for its ever changing color and the feeling of power emanating from within.

Soon after accepting the ring dark visions begin to haunt Ben's dreams. Images of pain and death, of evil and destruction. But some of the visions are hauntingly familiar. Soon Ben must return to his childhood home in Louisiana to face a dark secret from his past, one that may explain why he has the power to heal with a touch of the hand . . . or kill with a single thought. After discovering the truth about his family and himself, he comes to realize that he is a soldier in a greater battle than he could ever have imagined. And if he cannot find a way to wield the power concealed within him, the forces that prey on mankind's anger and fear will destroy not only him, but everything he holds dear.

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Short Fiction

"The Writer" Available in WARPED WORDS 2011: 90 Minutes to Live by JournalStone Publishing and editor Joel Kirkpatrick. December 20th, 2011

Writer Justin Reynolds is having a bad year. After a rough divorce he is suffering from terrible writer's block and more than a little difficulty controlling his drinking. Until one night when a powerful presence in his computer calls to him and he writes a horrible story-- a story in which his ex-wife's new boyfirend meets a violent and painful death. When he learns that the story, one he has no memory at all of writing, comes true he beomes terrified that an evil force is using him and his computer to fill its need for suffering and death. And now his computer his calling him again, and the bloated creature in the corner of his mind is hungry.

"Calling Home" Available from fantasy and horror magazine

A father and Navy surgeon is far from home in Iraq when a phone call to his little boy is interrupted by a massive attack on their base camp. Shot in the chest, he lays dying in the dirt where he can think of nothing but his need to call his boy-- left crying on the dead line--to let him know that everything is going to be alright. But now he has awakened in a strange place, in the middle of the desert, and apparently uninjured. Alone except for a mysterious stranger, a quiet Navy Chaplain who says he must guide him home, he wants only to connect to his boy again. But first he must answer the mystery of where he is and what has happened to him.

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