A New Chapter Begins

What an amazing few weeks! First and foremost, my wife Wendy and our kids Connor, Jack, and Emma want to welcome our newest addition, Ashley Elizabeth Wilson, who arrived on September 25th. She is healthy, and beautiful, and already we can't remember how we felt complete before she arrived. We thank God for the blessing she is to our home and family

Ashley Elizabeth Wilson

Ashley in her Navy SEALs pink Cammo onsie

After much waiting (or at least it felt like it) our amazing agent, Gina Panettieri of Talcott Notch, has been finalizing contracts for Brian Andrews and me on the two new series I have mentioned in previous posts. BEIJING RED, the first book in the Nick Foley Series of thrillers, will release on May 10th, 2016 from Crooked Lane Books. We are publishing this series under the pseudonym Alex Ryan. Book two in the series is HONG KONG BLACK and is coming in November or December of 2016. It has been a real thrill working with the amazing people at Crooked Lane, especially Matt Martz and Dan Weiss. This has turned out to be a great book and we are really excited to get it out there. As you can see on the fiction page, we already have some great early praise from people we greatly respect in the thriller community.

A big Thank You to our editor JoVon Sotak at Thomas & Mercer for enthusiastically embracing our hero John Dempsey and the TIER ONE series of covert ops thrillers. We have signed a deal with Thomas & Mercer and TIER ONE, the first book in the series, comes out in late summer of 2016 with the second book WAR SHADOWS to follow in early spring 2017. I have to say, so far working with T&M has been one of the greatest experiences of my writing career and I look forward to sharing more about my experience with them as it unfolds.

So now the dust is settling from the business side and we are hard at work on both series. Thank you Gina Panettieri, the best agent in the world, for bringing it all together.

We have some other books in submission as well, stand-alone books JULIAN'S NUMBERS (a supernatural thriller) and the faith based thriller WAR TORN, and in Gina's hands, I have no doubt I will have more good news to share very soon!

Last weekend, after a year of planning, we wrapped up the first annual SEAL Legacy Foundation book festival in Tampa. It was a huge success, raising money as well as a great deal of awareness for the Foundation and their mission. The SLF is a very personal cause to me, of course, as the families of my own fallen friends have been beneficiaries of the programs. I love the foundation's focus on families, with nearly 2 million dollars in scholarships and support having made it to the SEALs and their families in just the few short years since they were founded. You can learn more, and DONATE if you have the heart for this cause as I do, at www.seallegacy.org.

The event was great fun as well. The authors who generously donated their time and travel for this cause are an amazing collection of talented writers and good hearted people and it was a real pleasure to spend the weekend with them.

Some of the authors gather for a picture at the Book festival Reception

Jeff, Navy SEAL Master Chief Shawn Johnson, 4 time #1 Country music hit songwriter Dave Turnbull, and Brian Andrews

Jeff, Ashley, Wendy, and Bestselling author Heather Graham

Please do what you can to promote and support this Foundation. We very much hope to all be together for an even bigger event next year, maybe in Nashville!

Stay tuned for more and check back here and at www.andrews-wilson.com for updates.

And write me with any comments or questions... I'm always dying to hear from you. In an effort to be part of modern society you can also now follow us on Facebook and twitter.

Starting a new chapter (pardon the pun...)

The past year has been a strange one for me. After releasing a book a year for three straight years, it was difficult to go back to the waiting game as my agent, Gina Panettieri of Talcott Notch, worked on building new relationships for my work. As a result, I have been back to the unenviable grind of waiting for a call from my agent about a sale. In the long run, it will no doubt be worth it, and it looks like this year and next will be busier than ever. I am already feeling grateful for the patience that Gina forced on me.

Brian Andrews, my co-author and good friend for the thriller novels I have shifted to this past year, and I have signed a contract with Matt Martz at Crooked Lane Books for our novel BEIJING RED. We are really excited about this book and working with Matt Martz has been a tremendous experience. Matt was a senior editor at Minotaur, the Crime/mystery imprint for St. Martin's Press, for years before taking the job as Creative Editor at Crooked Lane. Both Brian and I are thrilled to be part of the Crooked Lane adventure and we will have much more to share about BEIJING RED when we are closer to release late this year or early 2016.

In the meantime, our series TIER ONE is still shopping for the best home, but we hope to have something we can share in the coming weeks. My supernatural thriller JULIAN'S NUMBERS is in submission and we have very encouraging feedback on WAR TORN from the editors who have it on their desks. The point is, we seem on the tip of everything going at once and then things will get crazy. Either way, Brian and I are already working on our next project and by years end we will have written four novels together.

I am really excited about the work I have been doing with the SEAL Legacy Foundation. As you saw on the home page, the event is still growing and already promises to be an amazing event which will raise lots of money for the very important work that SLF is doing for SEALs and their families. As most of you know, this is very personal for me and I feel so honored to be able to give back to the community of warriors I was proud to serve beside. Keep checking in for updates. We will begin promotions in the summer and will have more information on the tickets sales etc. For now--- thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my fellow ITW writers who have rallied to the call to support this event. It has been deeply moving how these selfless people have come on board to help us. I can never repay their generosity.

Gonna be in NYC this July? Come on by this year's Thrillerfest (http://thrillerfest.com). It is an amazing meeting this year with more exciting panels than ever. Brian and I are on a panel about writers work together on Saturday afternoon , July 11th from 4 pm to 4:50. The unfortunate title of the panel is "WHAT SIDE OF THE BED DO YOU WANT? Co-Writing Partnerships." No one hates the title more than us, but the panel will be really fun. The panel is moderated by bestselling novelist W. Michael Gear so we are looking forward to learning a lot as we share our own formula. I am also moderating a panel that morning at 9:30 called "HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR BOOK THE REAL DEAL? These Navy SEALs will tell you". This is a cool one. There will be a panel of former and active SEALs answering questions from authors about how to write NSW characters into their books in a realistic way. Two of my best friends and brothers from my time at NSW will be on the panel so Wendy and I are really excited to get together and catch up. Don't miss this one!

I hope to have more to report soon, so stay tuned! And keep your eyes out for BEIJING RED by James Bradley. It's a killer story!


Another great time at ITW's Thrillerfest

As always, Wendy and I had a wonderful time at Thrillerfest, catching up with old friends, making new ones, learning new things from the terrific series of panels, and socializing with this amazing group of people. My close friend and partner in the upcoming TIER ONE series, Brian Andrews (CALYPSO DIRECTIVE, 2011, Skyhorse Publishing) was there and as usual helped me achieve a level of maturity far below Wendy's hope's for me. We had the best time catching up. If you haven't yet read CALYPSO DIRECTIVE, what are you waiting for? It is arguably the best blend of science and spy thrillers I have ever read. I'm excited to read the next book in the series, TURNCOAT FAIR, which I hope will be out soon. Brian is a fantastic writer, a great friend, and was a wonderful addition to the panel I hosted on Saturday.

Brian Andrews, author of CALYPSO DIRECTIVE, on the Saturday Panel on Military realism in Thrillers

Tom Young was also on hand, and it was great catching up on the amazing year he has had. Tom and been a great Mentor for our son Connor in his writing endeavors and had kindly become a pen pal of sorts to Connor. He signed a copy of his newest book SAND AND FIRE for Connor. We also got updates on the exciting news about the plans for a feature film based on his first book in the series, THE MULLAH'S STORM. Really exciting stuff for one of the best Thriller writers in America, but hardly unexpected.

We also made some new friends. Sam Carter is an active duty Marine NCO who has penned his first novel and is in submission with it now. The story sounds amazing and I am excited to see where he goes with it. He hit it out of the park at pitchfest, with 9 out of 10 agents requesting a full manuscript, so I have no doubt we will be seeing his work on the bookshelves very soon. He and his wife Monica are two of the most wonderful people we have had the pleasure of meeting and we look forward to a long friendship with them. We had dinner with them on Friday night a super cool latin/asian fusion restaurant, which they bill as an "experimental kitchen" and both the meal and the company were fantastic. Also at dinner were my permanent appendage Brian and our new friends, Mark and Patty McGinnis.

Our Saturday panel was really fantastic. We set out to focus on writing realism in military thrillers with a panel of military veterans turned authors. We were so grateful for the terrific panel, which included NYT Bestselling author and former Navy Rescue swimmer Grant Blackwood, AJ Tata, author of the explosive THREAT series of books and former Army Ranger and retired Brigadier General, who has led the 82nd Airborne, the 101st Airborne, and the 10th mountain division through deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Sam Carter, newbie novelist and active duty Marine NCO, Don Bentley, former Army Aviator and Apache Attack pilot as well as a former FBI agent and now up and coming novelist, and of course my friend and co-author Brian Andrews. We were blessed to have another friend of mine, Naval Academy graduate and Navy SEAL, CDR Mark McGinnis. Mark was a guest panelist, who agreed to share his insights from the perspective of an avid reader of the genre.

Thrillerfest Panel from left to right: Brian Andrews, Don Bentley, Sam Carter, Navy SEAL Mark McGinnis, BG Tony Tata, and Grant Blackwood with Jeff at the podium moderating the discussion

The panel was amazing and the audience drove the discussion far beyond the writer's goals and to much more intimate and personal aspects of all of our military service. Thanks so much to everyone who came and participated and to those who came for the book signing afterwards with Grant, Tony, Brian and myself. The discussion was deeply moving for me.

This year we had personal agenda and made great strides in achieving goals there. Mark McGinnis, who appeared on our panel as a guest, is now the executive director of the SEAL Legacy Foundation, a Non-profit organization which supports Navy SEALs wounded in combat and their families, especially when these brave warriors have made the ultimate sacrifice. I will write in more detail about SLF soon, but the cause is important, their work amazing, and the people they support are a part of my NSW family. Many of the recipients are SEALs and family members of SEALs who I have called brothers, so this work is very personal for me and it was a pleasure to work with Mark.

Jon Land singlehandedly moved the ball down the field with us in this cause more than we could have imagined. Jon is an ITW executive and the bestselling author of more than 25 novels, including the Caitlin Strong series of thrillers. So we were understandably flattered when Jon, who is and Associate member of the Special Forces Association, took it on himself to promote our plans for a fundraiser among the members, introduce Mark to many legendary thriller writers including David Morrell, Lee Child, DP Lyle, Kathy Antrim, and others, and emphasize how important it was that his fellow writers support the SLF cause. As a result of Jon's tireless work and support, we were able to secure a number of verbal commitments from authors to support our Thriller writer fundraiser which we hope to pull together soon. It is premature to say more about it until things are more solidified, but this is going to be a very exciting event for a wonderful cause and I am thrilled to be a part of it. He even arranged an interview for Mark and I with an international, web based entertainment show.

Jeff and Navy SEAL CDR Mark McGinnis discuss the SEAL Legacy Foundation and Jeff's latest book with the media at Thrillerfest - courtesy of Jon Land

Thanks, Jon, for your generous donation of time and your incredible passion for what we hope to do. I am excited for my next post where I hope to be able to say more! Learn more about the foundation and what they do here: https://www.seallegacy.org

I look forward to posting soon with updates on WAR TORN, JULIAN'S NUMBERS, and the new thriller series TIER ONE in the next few weeks. I hope to share more about the SEAL Legacy Foundation fundraiser by then as well.

In the meantime, email me your thoughts. As always, I'm dying to hear from you.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone has had a great 2014 so far and that summer is going well. It has been a crazy year for me and I've got lots to share.

FADE TO BLACK has done very well, receiving great reviews and is up for a couple of awards as well (more on that next time). It has been a real thrill to have that book so well recieved as it a story that is very personal to me. Thanks to everyone for the emails-- the praise from readers is way more exciting than the reviews and the award nominations I assure you.

I have also been busy with new projects. Over the last few months I completed the edits on my newest supernatural thriller JULIAN'S NUMBERS. I'm really happy with how it turned out, despite the challenges of wrtiting for the point of view of a ten year old. I have dropped hints about the story before, but to refresh your memory it involves a boy with a frightening gift, a father with a troubled past, some ghosts, a possessed mother and the sailing vacation from hell. There is a mallet and some blood, but I've said to much. My fantastic agent, Gina Panettieri at Talcott Notch is shopping it now and I hope to have some very good news for you soon.

I also completed a new type of book for me. WAR TORN is a cross between a faith based inspirational book and a war time thriller. It is about a young couple whose faith is challenged after the husband deploys to Afghanistan with his National Guard unit. There he loses his best friend and begins a downword spiral where he questions all he believes in. Back home, the nightmares of his deployment follow him and shake his marriage with the same ferocity with which they shook his faith. Together, he and his wife must find a way back to the things that made their love strong to begin with. This story is one I have wanted to write for a long time and I am very excited that a number of publishers have already expressed a strong interest. Hopefully Gina will get the book sold and on the shelves soon!

lastly, I started a whole new writing experience that has been a real eye opener and more importantly has resulted in my best work yet! Brian Andrews (THE CAPYPSO DIRECTIVE, Skyhorse Press) appproached me last last fall with a crazy idea: writing a book together. Brian and I have been friends for a couple of years. We met at ITW's Thrillerfest a while back, right after his book came out and around the time THE DONORS was out. When he first asked about collaborating on a book, I didn't hesitiate: I said flat out "No." He ptiched again the idea of combining his real gift for well researched story lines and research with my strength of character development and sold me with the promise that, if working together didn't seem workable, whatever story we had developed so far would be mine, no questions asked. So... we gave it try. The result was incredible.

TIER ONE is the result of working with Brian, the first book in a series of Military/Covert operations thrillers with a former Navy SEAL as the main protagonist. Our perosnalities and writing styles meshed in a way that is hard to describe and it was the easiest book either of us has ever written. The completed 115,000 wird manuscript was written and polished in less than five months. We are excited, and more so because Gina is excited and in fact several "Big Five" houses have already asked to see the full Manuscript!

So we're all business in this post with lots of news. I expect to have more to report in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the 4th of July and remember what it is we are celebrating. If you can, thank a vet for the holiday that would not be possible without their sacrifices.

If you're in NYC the weekend of July 11th, come by Thriller fest and say hi, catch the panel I am moderating, and get a signed copy of FADE TO BLACK.

Keep the emails coming as well... I'm dying to hear from you!


Great trip to New York!!

Wendy and I had an amazing time in New York, catching up with friends, making new friends, and enjoying the city. Fanfest was an amazing success, and I suspect this will become a very popular annual event at Thrillerfest. I want very much to thank my guests for making the trip. Alyssa Machette, an amazing illustrator, and her friend and freelance journalist Nicole Simonetti, were delightful and I hope they enjoyed hanging out with us and meeting the other authors. Don't feel bad using my invite to meet RL Stine and Lee Child - I more than understand! It was great hanging out with John and Evelyn Dempsey and John thanks so much for your service to our country. Sorry that bookseller Beau Carr couldn't make it, but we carried on without you. Thanks to all the folks who showed up at the book signing events as well. It was great to meet all of you.

We crammed a lot of things into our two day visit. We had a wonderful meeting with my agent, Gina, and planned the way ahead for my recently completed manuscript (tentatively titled JULIAN'S NUMBERS) as well as my nearly completed project and the series I hope to start later this year. After the signing and Fanfest on Friday evening we had a wonderful dinner with one of my favorite writers, THE CALYPSO DIRECTIVE author Brian Andrews. I am counting down the days to his sequel, which I think is due out in early fall. Brian is an amazing writer and storyteller - as evidenced by the tall ones he told over a nice bottle of wine and delicious Tapas.

Signing at Thrillerfest

With CALYPSO DIRECTIVE author Brian Andrews

Saturday I had the time of my life on a panel entitled "What's my diagnosis, Doc? Breaking into medical thrillers." I was honored to serve on a panel with some giants in medical thrillers and we had a wonderful time and were able to generate a really stimulating discussion with the attendees. Thanks so much to DP Lyle for putting the panel together and moderating for us. The discussion brought up some great insight from these unbelievably talented writers and I was proud just to be on the panel beside them. Before an evening of good wine and great conversations, Wendy and I were able to sneak away and catch a show on Broadway - Cinderella, which I highly recommend. This is NOT the Disney, kiddie version and it was amazingly well done.

The Doctor panel at Thriller fest: DP Lyle at the podium, CJ Lyons, Michael Palmer, F. Paul Wilson, Myself, and Allen Wyler

Me pretending I have any insight at all on the question at hand")

Wendy and I in Times Square before taking in a show

And less casual at the Thrillerfest reception

Our friend and fellow writer Fritz Strobl was great company Saturday evening. Fritz is a talented writer as well as a brilliant and renowned neurologist and engineer/inventor. I'm looking forward to reading his Dr. Jack Stevens Thriller series. Fritz and his wife were delightful company and both Wendy and I look forward to seeing them again soon. We also spent a good deal of time hanging out with our newest friends, Doug Lyle and his better half Saturday as well. Wendy and Debi compared their tool belts and love of home projects while Doug and I sipped wine and congratulated ourselves on our "married-up" status. It was a really great time.

with award winning author DP Lyle and Debbi

With Author and renowned Neurologist Fritz Strobl

FADE TO BLACK is off to a great start, with great reviews and a good bit of press. I'm looking forward to my interview with John Raab on SUSPENSE RADIO next month, and I'll post more about this as the date (August 31st) gets closer. It's always exciting when a new book comes out and you get to hear what readers think. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed the book and to those of you who have sent emails to me. This book is deeply personal to me for a lot of reasons, and I want to thank everyone who is helping make it a success.

I'll post more soon. Write me because, as always, I'm dying to hear from you!



My new novel, FADE TO BLACK, is now out and is getting some great reviews. Thanks again to Chris Payne and his hard working staff at JournalStone Publishing for taking another of my roughly written stories and chiseling away to turn it into a novel. The stories are mine, but the credit for the great reviews goes to JournalStone, and especially Elizabeth Reuter who had the unenviable task of editing my work. I also love the way artist M. Wayne Miller captured my story in his cover art.

Wendy and I travelled to New Orleans on launch day for the Stoker Weekend/World Horror Con at Hotel Monteleone. What a great time. It was fun catching up with folks I haven't seen in a while, like Ben Ethridge and Greg Faherty, and wonderful to meet some fellow JournalStone authors for the first time. I hung out with Brian Matthews at a signing at the JS table-- a real treat because I loved his debut novel FOREVER MAN. Check it out if you haven't already. Wendy and I had a drink with Doug Wynne and his wife. After enjoying Doug's debut novel THE DEVIL OF ECHO LAKE, I am really excited to read his newest, STEEL BREEZE. Doug is a rock star of a writer-- no literally, he was a rock star in his earlier life and brings that same energy to his writing.

Wendy and I made the weekend a big date, having a wonderful dinner in the Quarter and enjoying a decadent Beignet breakfast at Cafe Beignet. Great time!

JournalStone authors at HWA: Douglas Wynne, Patrick Frievald, Me, and Brian Matthews.

Wendy and I enjoy a decadent New Orleans breakfast at Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street.

The more famous writer in the family, Connor, is now an award winning author! His book was chosen by Reader Views Literary Awards for the "Reviewer's Choice for Best Book by a Young Author for 2012." We are so proud of him, but he just blushes and shrugs and then goes out and skateborads or shoots hoops. What a great kid. He just finished his newest children's book EMMA'S FRIEND and we are in submission with it now. In other news, always anxious to ride on my famous son's coat tails, Copnnor and I are starting a project together. He is writing his first chapter book, targeted at middle school readers, and we will be co-writing this one together. Connor wanted help with his first stab at a chapter book, and as the book has supernatural elements (it is a bit of a ghost story) he thought I could help him with that as well. Since I could use the press his name brings, I of course agreed :) It will be a lot of fun to work together and we hope to have the MS completed by the first of the year.

I am also thrilled to now be represented by Gina Panettieri at Talcott Notch Literary Agency. Gina is wonderful, and I am excited for the opportunity to work with her. She is representing my latest novel, tentatively titled JULIAN'S NUMBERS and I hope to have my new book WAR TORN to her by the fall. It has been a real thrill to work with Gina and she is really challenging me to improve my craft. She is more helpful than I could ever have imagined and she is delightful to boot!

A couple of weeks until Thriller fest in NY where I will be hosting some guests at the innaugural "Fanfest" event. I'm really excited and thanks to my guests for coming to NY to hang out. John and Evelyn Dempsey, Beau Carr, Alyssa Machette, and Nicole Simonetti will all be joining me and my fellow ITW authors for a great evening at the Hyatt Regency in Manhattan. Saturday I will be appearing on a panel with DP Lyle, Michael Palmer, CJ Lyons, and Allen Wyler, and F. Paul Wilson title "What's my prognosis, Doc? Breaking into medical thrillers". It think it will be great fun, though I'm a little overwhelmed to appear with such big names.

So that's the update! I'll post again after the big NY trip and see some of you there, I hope.

Sorry I have done so poorly answering emails. Keep sending them though... I'm dying to hear from you!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!

2012 was a great one. THE DONORS has been such a great success and through it I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with so many wonderful people. I have met a lot of readers this year, and that is always a thrill, and I have also had the opportunity to meet with lots of other writers, reviewers, and members of the press. Of course I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share these experiences with my son, and America's youngest fiction writer, Connor. We have done a few booksignings together and even a few interviews together.

Connor was also an invited guest at the international TEDxYouth program in December. He was nervous but did a great job. You can see a video of his presentation here.

2013 is shaping up very well also! JournalStone has set the release date for my new novel FADE TO BLACK. Look for it on June 14th at your favorite bookseller. The launch will be in New Orleans at the Horror Writer's Association Stoker weekend which this year is combined with the World Horror Conference. If you are in the area or attending the conference I hope you'll stop by and say "hi" and get a signed copy. You can learn more about all that's going on at this amazing event at http://worldhorrorconvention.com/ or HWA's site http://www.stokers2013.org/. My publisher, Chris Payne of JournalStone publishing, is hosting a party on Friday June 14th so come by if you are there. I would love to meet you.

My short story "Doll's Eyes" will also be featured in the debut edition of the new speculative fiction magazine ARCHAIC ARTS, coming this spring. The issue will also have an interview with me and some great fiction by some of my fellow HWA writers, so I hope you'll check it out. Their website, http://www.archaicartsmagazine.com will be up soon.

I hope to post again very soon with some more updates, so bear with me as I dive into 2013. I am halfway in to a new project, my fourth book is getting polished and shopped, and of course there is the dreaded last minute edits for FADE TO BLACK. I promise to circle back around soon.

In the meantime, drop me a line.

I'm dying to hear from you, as always


Post Halloween News

Well, Halloween has come and gone, that sentinel holiday in the life of a horror writer. It has been an exciting month in the Wilson household-- a great deal of attention for Connor and his amazing book A GIANT PENCIL and some very flattering attention for THE DONORS as well. DONORS continues to accumulate some amazing reviews and the book has been requested for a couple of awards...SHhhhhh... More about this in the coming weeks I hope. I had a great time doing a halloween blog on why I love Horror for RA for All's 31 days of Horror blog: http://raforallhorror.blogspot.com/2012/10/31-days-of-horror-day-10-my-love-of.html They also did a nice review of THE DONORS on day 11: http://raforallhorror.blogspot.com/2012/10/31-days-of-horror-day-11-review-and.html so I got my Halloween fix. Of course we did the trick of treat thing with the kids, but there is no real horror in that!

Connor and I shared a table for a book signing at the Florida Writer's Association on October 20th, which was great fun. Obviously having THE DONORS and A GIANT PENCIL sharing a table was a little weird, and we definitely were signing for different people. We both got to meet some great people and Connor gave an interview which you can find in the next issue of The Florida Writer. This was a great warm up for the following weekend when we headed up to Virginia for a short tour. Connor and I had an interview with FM 99 in the Hampton Roads listening area and then he did a few school appearances and signings. On the 27th he did an appearance at Prince Books in Norfolk and later that day we did another father and son signing at the Barnes and Noble in Williamsburg, Virginia. We both had a great time and I think it was more fun to sign together for sure.

Jeff and his son Connor sign copies of their books at the Florida Writers Association in Orlando, Florida

Look for my article on writing in the "Back Page" column in the Portland Book Reviews later this month. We have a few more appearances we are shoring up and will post them when they are finalized. I also have a short story entitle "Doll's Eyes" coming soon in the debut issue of ARCHAIC ARTS magazine.

Other than that, just writing my new book WAR TORN, shopping my last book, and hangin' out.

Plenty of time to answer your emails!

I'm dying to hear from you.


Latest Updates

Happy fall everyone. Here in Southwest Florida we only know fall has arrived because the kids are back in school-- the daily high temps are still in the 90s and we still get our daily thunderstorm. The summer was an exciting one and the highlight was the launch of my son Connor's book A GIANT PENCIL just a week before his 12th birthday. It has been very exciting having the youngest fiction writer in America in our house and things could not have gone better. He sold out of books at his launch and his sales have been great, spurred along by some terrific local media coverage. We have a national PR campaign launching for him very soon and we are excited for his future. Now that it is all real, Connor is finally working on his next book, which I was thrilled to find had a little supernatural component to it! Look for more as things start taking off in his media blitz and check him out at www.thegiantpencil.com for links to TV and blog interviews. Pick up A GIANT PENCIL at amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine booksellers worldwide!

My next book FADE TO BLACK is coming out next summer so I'm sure it will be back to the editing grind soon. In the meantime I am enjoying the fall season-- where I work on new projects! I recently finished my fourth novel, JULIAN'S NUMBERS, and have started my latest project, WAR TORN, which is a venue change for me, but more on that down the road.

If you are in Florida, look for both Connor and I signing books on October 20th in Orlando at the Florida Writer's Association and if you are in Virginia we will both be signing at the Barnes and Noble in Merchant's Square in Williamsburg, Virginia from 1-4 pm on the 27th of October. I would love to see you there!

Send in your comments and questions.

I'm dying to hear from you.



It's been awhile since I posted and a fair amount has happened. This past week, Wendy and I attended our first "Thrillerfest", a conference of the International Thriller Writers. This is our first time attending and I'm more proud than ever to be a member of ITW. This was one of the best cons I've ever attended with some of the nicest people I've ever met. I was thrilled (pardon the pun) to be on the stage at the Debut Author's Breakfast for my first book THE TRAITEUR'S RING with some incredibly talented writers, around whom I felt quite humble. We made some great friends, got some good advice, hung out with some famous people, and generally hob-nobbed with the publishing elite for a few days. We also made time for a few romantic dinners and lunches, Wendy found a way to make a few purchases, and we even took in a show. What a great week.

Thrillerfest 2012 debut authors
Jeff and Wendy with Lee Child
Jeff and RL Stine after chatting about A GIANT PENCIL, Connor Wilson's Children's book which made him the youngest traditionally published fiction writer in America

Connor's book, A GIANT PENCIL, is down to less than four weeks before the official launch date and we are all counting the minutes until his big event on Saturday the 11th of August at the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa. The museum is generously sponsoring the event as part of their "End of summer/Back to School Bash" and they expect more than 2000 people to in attendance for this open to the public event. You can imagine Connor is a bit nervous. He will be doing a reading, meeting a ton of kids, signing books, and spending time with the media. Wow! Go Connor.

Connor is also excited to see his book up on Barnes and Noble online and available for pre-order at a 32% discount. The cover art, bio, and summary aren't up yet, but just to see his name and book there is so cool for him and all of us. Check it out and get your book pre-ordered at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-giant-pencil-connor-wilson/1111957701?ean=9781937148126

I have a few summer book picks for you. My fellow JournalStone author, Brett J. Talley, has released his newest book THE VOID on the heels of his wildly successful, and Stoker award nominated, book THAT WHICH SHOULD NOT BE. I loved his first book and this one is even better. I'll post a review of it soon, but I promise you it's five stars for me and you will love this book if you chilling books. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Void-Brett-J-Talley/dp/1936564440/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342531318&sr=1-3&keywords=THE+VOID

I also love Brian Andrews debut novel THE CALYPSO DIRECTIVE. This guy is a new author but look for him on the NYT bestsellers list for sure. Brian has written a fantastic, edge of your seat thriller that has everything: an evil corporation, a government conspiracy, an innocent victim who must save the world, and a secret team of scientist/spies who must help him do it. Wendy read the first 100 pages with her mouth open in one sitting. I can't put it down (its on the desk next to me right now). Pick it up your first opportunity-- you won't be disappointed. http://www.amazon.com/Calypso-Directive-Novel-Brian-Andrews/dp/1611454948/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342531366&sr=1-1&keywords=the+calypso+directive

I won't stay away so long, I REALLY promise this time.

And please send in questions and comments and thoughts.

I'm dying to hear from you.


Spring Update

It's has been a crazy spring so far. My 11 year old son Connor is getting closer to his book launch in August and we are so proud of him. His website http://www.thegiantpencil.com looks fantastic and he has done a great job posting a couple of blogs and even a book review. The illustrations for the book are done, thanks to illustrator Alyssa Machette, and we are all so excited to see his book all "put together" as he calls it.

THE TRAITEUR'S RING has enjoyed a nice spring and we are now gearing up for the release of my newest novel THE DONORS which will be released this summer. I have finally finished my very painful edits and my publisher Chris Payne and his editorial staff are saints for putting up with me (Have I mentioned that I hate editing?). Anyway, they have again turned a book into a novel for me and I am grateful and really excited about the release. The Cover art is WAY creepy, and I will post it here very soon.

In July Wendy and I will be at the International Thriller Writer's annual meeting THRILLERFEST in New York City. Both of my books will be available in the on-site ITW bookstore for the conference and I think we are both looking forward to our first time at this event. There are several fellow authors I owe a drink to (you know who you are) and the conference should be a blast. I hope to see some of you there-- grab me and say hello!

In a few weeks we'll get the cover and an excerpt up for THE DONORS so tune in again.

Please make sure to visit my son Connor's web site: http://www.thegiantpencil.com

And as always, drop a line with your comments, questions, or critiques. I read them all.

I'm dying to hear from you.


Happy Holidays

Thanks to everyone for the notes about my article in several newspapers across the country. I hope the article made it easier to do what I know folks want to do: support America's warriors as they sacrifice so much for us. It was inspiring to see the response to the article and confirmed what I said-- that Americans are a generous people always willing to reach out to our service members. I appreciate everyone's help.

Along those lines, I hope to officially announce a fundraiser that my Publisher, Chris Payne at JournalStone, has been instrumental in supporting. I don't want to jump the gun, but check back frequently for updates on our plans to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Looking for a great book for holiday time? I have a couple of recommendations. While I'm not yet finished, Richard Godwin's APOSTLE RISING has absolutely captivated my attentions. A terrific thriller that you will not be able to put down. Godwin writes with a fantastic style and command that moves a chilling story along. Importantly to me, his rich character development pulls you into the story in ways that rival King and Koontz and make you care deeply what will happen next. I'll review it here when I'm done but please check it out at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I hope everyone enjoys the Holidays. Drop me a line. I'm always here and dying to hear from you.

Notes for October

October is always a fun month for Horror writers. There is a lot going on and I would encourage you to go to the HWA website at www.horror.org and check out a long list of events nation wide featuring HWA member authors. In particular I would encourage you to check out the HWA blog during the month. They have worked really hard to put together a month long event leading up to Halloween, with new posts every day from some of your favorite HWA authors. Fellow JournalStone author JG Faherty had a great post on the 5th about his background, Halloween, and his new book The Cemetery Club which will be available in early 2012. There are also contests and giveaways almost daily, including copies of Greg's books Carnival of Fear and Ghosts of Coronado Bay. Bestselling Author Jonathan Maberry had a great post with Janice Bashman about their love of Halloween. There was a Q&A with Norman Prentiss. All of this is just in the first few days so please check in daily at http://www.horror.org/blog/ for lots of great posts and fun prizes.

I'll be signing books at the Barnes and Noble/William and Mary bookstore later this month, on Saturday October 22nd. I'm excited about this one for a few reasons. First, Williamsburg is my hometown so it will be a great chance to catch up with friends and family. Second, I'm a William and Mary Alumni and the booksigning is part of the William and Mary Homecoming weekend, which is kind of cool. And third, I'll be doing interviews, and meeting for the first time, bestselling author Marliss Melton. Marliss writes action/romance novels featuring Navy SEALs as her protagonists. What makes this meeting fun is that she and I attended the same High School, graduated from William and Mary in the same year, and while we have corresponded and clloaborated on some work this past year we have never met (or heard of) each other until recently. This will be our first meeting (actually the day before the signing when we are doing several radio interviews together).

October is also the release month for fellow JournalStone author Brett J. Talley's debut novel That Which Should not Be. Brett is an extremely talented writer who will be going places over the next few years and his novel is absolutely fantastic, especially for lovers of the classic HP Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley style of classic horror. The book is available this week, on October 7th. Check out my review of the book at http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/201782422

And of course, when you have 3 kids ages 11, 4, and 3 October is a busy month already. We are working on costumes (though my 4 year old jack is easy since he has worn his Woody the Cowboy costume nearly night and day for about the last 3 months) and I'll be excited to share pictures on my next post.

Enjoy your Halloween season and drop me a note here with any comments, questions, or thoughts.

I'm dying to hear from you,


Connor Wilson's Publishing Contract is Official

On August 23rd our son Connor signed his formal contract with Weaving Dreams Publishing. His children's book The Giant Pencil is scheduled for release in October 2012 (and I'm not at all miffed that his contract is slightly better than mine). It is fantastic to watch him work on his edits, engage with the publisher on his first phone conference with her, and get very excited about meeting with his illustrator next week. He's not quite as excited as he was about meeting the legendary Tony Hawk at the Skate Park of Tampa earlier this week, but almost.

I'm one proud Dad!

We are counting down the days until September 1st when we announce the winners of the book giveaway! There is still time to enter and win a free, signed, Hardcover edition of The Traiteur's Ring. Thanks to everyone who has already entered as well as the folks who entered the contest over at Goodreads. If you don't win, the book will be available everwhere on September 9th so don't be afraid to pre-order after the 1st-- I mean you wouldn't have entered if you didn't want to read it right?

Send you thoughts, comments, and questions any time.

Dying to hear from you.


Additional Books Coming From Jeffrey and JournalStone

Well after a short courting period (something I'm used to, actually. Wendy and I were married 367 days after our first date) Chris Payne and I have taken the plunge to a larger commitment. We have agreed to an additional two-book contract. I couldn't be more delighted. Despite the temptation to spread things around a little bit, the advantages of keeping the books together and the incredible work ethic and marketing plan that I have found at JournalStone more than outweigh any theoretical downside.

Look for my novel The Donors to be released from JournalStone sometime in the spring or summer of 2012. Combining a supernatural horror story with a medical thriller backdrop, I think fans of either genre will like this one. We'll be updating on release dates, getting you a free excerpt and more after the first of the year, I hope.

Then look for Fade to Black to come out later that year or early 2013.

I look forward to a long and productive relationship with JournalStone. Thanks to Chris, Joel, and the rest of the talented staff at JournalStone for making this a no brainer. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them so far.

Ben Ethridge Virtual Book Tour

"I'm excited to help promote the "Virtual Book Tour" for my friend and Bram Stoker award winning author Ben Ethridge. This is a really cool way to follow an author who is doing some amazing things.

Click on the link to see where to find his virtual appearances, interviews etc. And if you haven't done it yet, pick up his award winning book Black and Orange and find out why it was this years Bram Stoker pick in the first novel category!"

The Giant Pencil by Connor Wilson to be Published

Well the biggest news of this week is about my son. Connor is 10 years old and a year and half ago he told me he wanted to write a book like daddy. I encouraged him, of course, and then wrote it off to another grandiose 8 year old plan when a couple of months went by and he didn't bring it up again. Then one day he came to me and said "Here it is," and handed me a hand written manuscript. His first book The Giant Pencil is a children's picture book and it is more imaginative and creative then many best selling books out there.

This weekend we learned that Publisher L. Sue Durkin and Weaving Dreams Publishing is offering him a contract for the book. We don't yet know important details like the release date, but we suspect it will come out in 2012 sometime.

Connor is my favorite author and I can't wait for his book to come out. Plan to pick up a copy to share with your kids. We'll update you on his marketing website when its available and information about pulication schedules when we have it.

In the meantime we are counting down to the release of The Traiteur's Ring in just a few more weeks. Get your entry in to our contest for your free, signed hardcover copy before time runs out on August 31st.

And drop us a line with comments and questions.

As always, I'm dying to hear from you.....


The Traiteur's Ring Publication Update

Thanks a ton to my friend, webmaster, and artist Joey for the best cover art I could have hoped for. And thanks to Chris Payne, my publisher, and his great staff for their tireless and patient editing and proofreading. He was also generous enough to give Joey a shot at the cover, despite having an in house artist already, and I really appreciate that a lot. I love how the book has turned out. The Traiteur's Ring is ready to go and will be released September 9th! It has been a really enjoyable process and working with the folks at JournalStone Publishing has been terrific. I can't say enough about the process and how professional Chris and his staff have been. They are an unbelievably author friendly house.

On the home page you may have noticed mention of a giveaway. I'm pretty excited about this. We will announce the details and rules later this week, but basically everyone who sends us a comment through the author feedback link will get a chance to win a free Hardcover copy of the book. We will announce the winner sometime before he release date, but the exact details will be available soon.

Read the excerpt, enjoy the beautiful cover art, and check back frequently.

Dying to hear from you...


Horror Writer's Association's Stoker weekend

Jeffrey and Wendy Wilson at HWA Stokers weekend
Me and my wife Wendy at the HWA event.
Jeffrey Wilson, Chris Payne and Wendy Wilson at HWA Stokers weekend
Me, Wendy and Journal Stone's Chris Payne.

Sorry for the delay in this post, but things are busy getting everything together for the release of The Traiteur's Ring with JournalStone Publishing. We are still hoping for a release by early fall. Wendy and I had a great time at the Horror Writer's Association's Stoker weekend in Long Island a couple of weeks ago. It was a terrific chance to catch up with friends and make some new ones. Speaking of friends, congratulations to my friend Ben Ethridge for his Stoker Award in the category of Superior achievement for a first novel. I have mentioned his novel Black and Orange before. It's a really great, highly original book that I can't recommend highly enough (and now I can point to the Stoker committee as validation of my opinion!). He tied in this category wth Lisa Morton for her novel Castle of Los Angeles, another fantastic book. We thoroughly enjoyed the banquet celebrating the winners as well as several workshops we attended. It was also great to finally meet my new publisher Chris Payne face to face. He is pictured above with me at fellow JournalStone author Greg Faherty's book signing. Greg launched his YA novel Ghosts of Coronado Bay at the meeting. I hope everyone (especially those with young adults in your house) have a chance to get his book. Connor (our nearly 11 year old) is already devouring it.

Thanks to everyone at HWA for a fun weekend. It was particularly fun to meet Peter Straub, Jonathan Mayberry, Jeff Strand, and Bruce Boston. I should probably re-iterate how great it was to meet Chris Payne (you know how sensitive publishers can be). Congratulations to all of this years Stoker Award winners:

Superior Achievement in a NOVEL
A DARK MATTER by Peter Straub

Superior Achievement in a First Novel (tie)
BLACK AND ORANGE by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction
INVISIBLE FENCES by Norman Prentiss

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction
THE FOLDING MAN by Joe R. Lansdale

Superior Achievement in an Anthology
HAUNTED LEGENDS edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas

Superior Achievement in a Collection
FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King (Simon and Schuster)

Superior Achievement in Nonfiction

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection
DARK MATTERS by Bruce Boston


Jeffrey Wilson Working with JournalStone

Well after a lot of hard work and what turned out to be painless negotiations with JournalStone, The Traiteur's Ring returns to life. I'm really excited to be a part of JournalStone and I am very impressed with both Chris Payne and his entire staff, especially Joel, his acquisitions editor. This is a group of people who are taking publishing very seriously and it is refreshing to see so much excitement and enthusiasm. I have no doubt that JournalStone will be a terrific success and I'm proud to be one of the debut authors for this fine group of people.

I'm also excited to be in the company of great authors like JG Faherty. Greg's first novel Carnival of Fear was fantastic and is enjoying tremendous reviews. His new book will be released by JournalStone in June. More on this great YA thriller soon.

Check back frequently for updates on the release schedule and for your free sample which will be available soon.

As always, drop me a line if you have a question or comment.

Dying to hear from you.


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